Proper Yorkshire Fish n chips

Had an amazing fresh fish and chips, piping hot, served in paper…..the original and best!!


Mexican brekkie wrap

I thought I would try and recreate a breakfast wrap I had in Mexico City. I used wholemeal seeded wraps for extra health and I made plain scrambled eggs and tomato ketchup for my two daughters (picture up top). For me I had the scrambled eggs with mushroom, onion and cheese and fresh red chillies šŸŒ¶. A fiery way to start the day!!

N Irish lamb two ways!!

Carrying on with the Easter theme and using Northern Irish Lamb  from Tesco NI I decided to cook up a bit of an Indian feast.

I used two packs of chopped lean lamb leg steaks (450g each) from Tesco. The first I marinaded in yoghurt and chilli/garlic pickle and second in my Tandoori masala. I also made daal turka using East End Yellow Split Lentils in my Ikea Pressure cooker cooked in 30 minutes.

Meanwhile I cooked the lamb tikka in my Halogen oven which, was also very quick, taking 10 minutes each side and having the characteristic charred ends.

I served up the lamb tikka for starter and the achari ghost with chapati, pilau, daal turka,potato and green beans, chapati and salad. A rather sumptuous and tasty twist on an Easter classic I think…..

Himalayan Rock Salt

The award winning Mountain Salts have a myriad of uses and health benefits. They are naturally occurring salts which contain a whole host of minerals and nutrients for the health and well being of man and beast. They are mined, produced, packed and shipped from the Nepalese Himalayas to Northern Ireland. They can be purchased from Joanne’s stand at Castlecourt in Belfast.

They can be used in cooking as natural salt, to cook on and to chop on. Being salt they are naturally anti bacterial. Animals in their natural habitats would lick the salt when they require a salt boost and would know when to stop. Hence they can be used on farms for livestock. The salt can also be built into salt walls to dry age meat.

The salts can be made into lamps and the filament bulbs heat the salt and release negative ions which have a whole range of health properties as outlined above. They basically work by countering positive ions in the atmosphere.

The salts are also excellent in the bath and are very good for the skin. I would thoroughly recommend them for cooking, health (externally and internally), lamps and pets. 

Happy Easter Meal from Tesco

Happy Easter to one and all!!! To help us celebrate Easter the very kind people at @Tesco_NIreland and @SERIOUSPR delivered some wonderful local produce yesterday!!

Three bags packed with enough produce for a couple of 4 course meals for 4 people!!

As you can see there was two tubs of Vegetable broth, 2 packs of lamb leg steaks (I will cook these Indian masala style), 1 lamb shoulder (I will slow roast this in Tandoori masala)- lamb being Northern Irish. Vegetables consisting of spuds, carrot & broccoli, cabbage (I will make slaw), tobacco onions, fresh rosemary and garlic.

For dessert there was two crumbles (Rhubarb and apple) and fresh custard. For the last course a selection of cheese, biscuits, preserves and grapes. There was also a nice bottle of Oxford Landing Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz (which I gave away as we don’t partake in the juice of the vine!!!).

As can be seen enough food to last us over the holiday period!! Happy Easter from all of us to all of you and thanks to Tesco NI and Serious PR!!

Butter chicken tikka, butter beans and brown pilau

I treated my girls to a naughty but nice, east meets west meal of butter chicken tikka, butter bean masala and brown rice pilau. 

Let’s start with the brown rice which is whole grain rice, with the inedible outer hull removed. White rice is the same grain with the hull, bran layer and cereal germ removed and hence brown rice is healthier. To cook it requires 50% more water. I added some chick peas and daal to the mix and cooked with the requisite amount of water. The rice came out perfectly, separate and ‘dry’.

The butter chicken tikka was the piece de resistance!! I marinated two chopped chicken breasts in my tandoori masala paste overnight. I cooked this in my Halogen over (200oC 8 mins each side). This gave a perfectly cooked, slightly charred chicken mimicking a real charcoal tandoor. The masala sauce, which I had prepared earlier (recipe on request), was heated with ghee, onions and mushrooms. Once the chicken was ready I just added the chicken and juices to the sauce and simmered. 

Butter beans hail from South America and I used a tin of beans in water. I cooked these in pre prepared ‘tarka onions’ and ghee (again recipe on request-pls email me 

I served the butter chicken and beans on top of the rice and hey presto dinner was served. The girls and I loved it!!!