Soup soup glorious soup

Soup you ask??

All well be revealed.I am cooking a very rustic bangers n mash mmmmm, for dinner I hasten to add,when I recalled the soup my wife and I made for lunch earlier today.

We looked in the fridge and saw some cabbage,parsnip,rocket lettuce and thought what to do? We both said soup,now this was not going to be any old soup it was going to be the best and most wholesome. We washed the Veg and got a big pan of boiling seasoned water on the stove,into which we chopped all the veg skins and all along with some onion and potatoes.We cooked for about 45 minutes on a low heat after it came to a boil. My wife went to work and I puréed the soup for 5 mins until all the veg had been liquidised. It was a creamy consistency and it tasted fantastic.

The point being too many people especially tv chefs over complicate a good soup by sieving and straining and worst of all by peeling all the veg and hence stripping most of goodness. I agree onions need peeled but almost all other veg can be thoroughly washed and cooked a la skin on!!! I fear tv chefs and fancy chefs are over complicating soups and reducing the nutritional value and goodness, and wasting lots of food in the process.

So no pics today,but take home message is go experiment with whole veg,don’t waste it,blitz it and njoy.
The BFM only wants to spread the food love!!!

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