Blowing away the winter blues

I thought we could treat ourselves and go out for an “Indian”. So last night me and my girls,my mum and dad went to The Naz on the Ormeau Road,Belfast


We had two living social vouchers, each one giving two starters,two mains and two rice for £16 (upto £41 value). Personally I love vouchers on Living Social,Groupon,Grab One etc, as it gets you going to different places, gives great deals and helps the vendors,so win win!!!

So we ordered
4 popodams,chutney set £4
Keema nan £2
Sprite x2 £3
Chips £1.5
Mixed platter,vegetable Pakora,onion bhaji and chicken chaat for starters

Veg biryani,mattar paneer,balti tawa,king prawn rogan
and three pilau rice for mains
Because of time and the kids we did not have sweets, tea/coffee


At this juncture I have to talk about “Indian” restaurants. There are only a few and far between authentic Indian restaurants! So what makes an authentic Indian restaurant? Of course the type of food,the owner ie is he/she Indian, also the chef is he/she Indian?
A restaurant is 100% authentic if all three variables are Indian. The variations occur when one or more variables change.
The menu- sometimes you will have dishes which are Bangladeshi or Pakistani in origins
The owner-where are they from?The majority are from Bangladesh,then Indian,then Pakistani then others
This also applied to the chef.

So having said all that The Naz had a Bangladeshi styled menu,had Bangladeshi owner and chef.

This leads me onto the food.The food was very tasty,the Indian dishes were authentically flavoured and cooked.Couple of points if note: Bangladeshi chefs tend to use a lot of oil,food colouring and sugar in their dishes.The chutneys had too much food colouring and sugar,the biryani sauce was swimming in oil and the balti tawa and rogan was sweeter than it should have been.Also I noted the mattar paneer was cooked with chick peas and not peas which mattar means.

So the consensus was the food was good for a Bangladeshi styled Indian Restaurant. Well recommended, the service was amazing,the boys were very attentive and we all had a great time.

Hoover or vacuum cleaner!!!!!

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