Family chow time

Hi all
The BFM shared his food love with the family last night, now am sharing with you all!

It was mixed vegetable chow mein, vegetable sweet and sour sauce and salt and pepper chicken.


The chicken breast I had cut into approximately 2cm cubes,washed and then coated in salt, freshly ground black pepper and corn flour. This was then shallow fried in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil until golden brown,in a wok. The chicken was then removed and into the hot wok chopped garlic,onion,mushroom,spring onion including green stalks and green capsicum were shallow fried for 4 minutes.

The vegetables were removed and then the sauce was assembled. Sugar and white vinegar were placed into the wok with care and stirred til sugar dissolved. Then tomato ketchup added
for colour and chopped pieces of onion,peppers and pineapple added and cooked.

For the noodles I used 3 packets of chicken noodles,cooked for 3 minutes and sauce sachets added.

To serve see the picture, I placed the cooked veg onto a bed of the cooked noodles. Very simple to make, quickly and at a modest cost.I used the wok to cook 3 elements if the dish ie chicken, veg, sauce thereby keeping washing up to a minimum,keeping all the flavours and aiding the presentation.
So go on give it a try!!
Once again the BFM shares his food love!!!!!

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