Last day of holiday lunch

The BFM decided to celebrate the last day of the half term holiday by going into Belfast and indulging in a luscious lunch. My two sisters, daughter and nephew decided to give the newest eaterie in Belfast,Maze, a try.

Maze was the brainchild of Michael Karan from New Delhi in India. His vision was to create a truly international feel to his restaurant. He has achieved that in the decor (there are famous buildings from around the world as pictures dotted around the walls, we got the Pyramids), the menu again had an international tilt and finally the staff mix, from
Ramy Lorenzo the manager from Singapore to Jainal Abedin ex head chef of Bengal Brasserie for 17 yrs.
It is located where the Carlton Bar n Grill from the 1960’s, at no 11 Wellington Place, right beside the newly opened Treat Boutique (will be paying them a visit soon!!!!).

We arrived just before mid day and were warmly welcomed and shown to our table. The first impression was extremely good. The front of house was very welcoming and inviting,passing some comfy chairs in the waiting area,with the bar being to the left,opening through to the long narrow but intimate dining area with a mix of open tables and more private booths. From the dining area to the left you could see the open kitchen. Ps you must see the taps in the washroom!!!!!





We ordered black currant cordial for the kids,diet cokes for the girls and water for yours truly. For mains we got
kids portion fish and chips £5.95 each, chicken penne for moi (£10), small mussels (£6) and ch tikka Maze wrap with skinny fries (£6) for the girls. We also got some garlic chips (£3).

The kids tucked into their fish and chips and loved it,especially good was the creamy mushy peas. My penne was Luke warm when it arrived and when I said to the waitress she did take it back to reheat it.It was cooked well and was tasty but a bit short on flavour. The mussels also were Luke warm and we all felt the sauce was too reduced ie was too thick, and there was very little mussel meat present.The wrap was very good. All in all we could understand that a new place needs time to iron out and smooth the running order, but it did detract some of our enjoyment. Ramy did reflect this in our bill.

Our overall impressions were good, and once these small blips are sorted it will truly be a gem in the Belfast Eats scene. The BFM is happy to share the food love.

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