Treat b4 Give My Head Peace

For all the Norn Iron massif, Give My Head Peace by the Hole in the wall gang is fantastic. It’s a group of extremely talented local artists taking the Mickey out of the Northern Ireland political issues satirically, and really lightening the load!!! Please all google/search and watch and support them. Let’s face it life is too short to hold grudges!!!! The show was on at the Grand Opera House


Nyways before I met the boys I was famished,so I decided to check out the restaurant at the Fitzwilliam hotel near the GOH. http://www.fitzwilliamhotelbelfast.
I am lucky to be a Daily Telegraph subscriber and as one of the rewards one gets a Subscriber reward card which enables one to get BOGOF offers. I thought let’s treat myself so I ordered two mains,each at £19.50 so I only paid £19.50.I drank water.

My first plate was the royal fish pie and then the pork belly,check out the menu and the dishes and give it a go.
Join the Daily Telegraph and avail of the rewards.



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