End of nite munchies or very early breakfast?

So in the BFM and his two partners In crime were feeling rather hungry,the alcohol had a lot to do with the other two,but I was the DD and hence the wise one!!

We went to Little Italy and got some pizza,not just any pizza,this was tasty,lots of toppings and very reasonable price wise £6.80 for a 10in Diabola, (named the devil I was told on account of the fresh chilli sauce). It also had plenty of pepperoni,onions and cheese.All served on a thinnish base,and the magical garlic mayo.

As the sober one I have to admit it was one of the tastiest pizzas I have ever had.The other two had the Bella Bella and Hawaiin by the way,as well as garlic cheesy bread.Its open 7 days a week from 5 to late or early depending on whether u r having dinner or breakfast!!!!!!!

13 Amelia St, Town Centre, Belfast BT2 7GS
028 9031 4914

The BFM shares the food love!!




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