Brazil meets Bangladesh in Belfast bite 2

Hi again
I still need to finish my report on BB by the BFM,technical hitch!!!!

So then the meat.Each diner is issued with a round circular disc which is red on one side which says nao obrigado which means no thanks, and green for sim por favour or yes please, this tells the meat carver to bring skewer of meat to you and he/she slices requisite amount off at your table.

Now this is really a carnivores heaven especially a beefeater.It reminds me of the restaurant Carnivore in Johannesburg South Africa where they serve 5 different game meats as well as the usual domestic meats (chicken,lamb,pork,beef and sausage).

I being a non beef eater had the garlic chilli chicken,smoked gammon and pork sausages. The chicken was fantastic when hot and fresh,my first few pieces were bit cold and chewy.The gammon was very dry and salty but full of a smokey flavour and the sausages bit over cooked.The sauces accompanying them were nice but too thick for the dispensers.

So I would say that overall a mega concept needing a few refinements,and the owner Fahim did recognise this and said that this is first week of opening and everyone is fine tuning their skills.
For drinks I had water but there is an extensive cocktail and wine list,and some amazing sweets,but I was meated out!!!!

So in summary new concept for dining in Norn Irn.Do support it. Once again the BFM shares the food love!!!!!

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