Flicks n snax

Hi all the BFM wants to share his food love, and another fantastic passion movies.
Now last night I was engrossed by Son of God,with a sparkling resemblance of Obama as Satan or was it Satan as Obama.All the talk was that this was to be cut,but I knows what I sees !!!!
I have just come from movies having seen Noah with stirling performances by Russell Crowe as Noah,my all time British hero Ray Winstone and good old grandpa Anthony Hopkins,with stellar casts in both movies.
Now I ain’t no Christian or Jew But this stuff is real inspiring.I would urge all humanity to watch,learn and be humbled!!! Enough from preacher BFM!!
I had the tastiest nachos,fully loaded with cheese,jalapeños and salsa for £4 and after had a curry chip with onions and garlic sauce from the boys at the Indian Ocean for £3.50.
The atmosphere at the Odyssey was great as Carl Frampton won his boxing match.
Now I’m tucked up in my pit ready for zzzzzz’ssssss
Nite nite

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