Manchester Mughli Meal

So the BFM held off and didn’t eat on the plane,just as well as me and my sis went to one of Manchesters best restaurants, Mughli, in the “curry mile”
As per The Telegraph.It started in 1991 as an Indo-Pak style restaurant,serving up “commoner type food”


Whilst we peroused the menu we nibbled on 4 plain poppadoms (£2.40) and a fresh chutney set (£2)


We opted for all the food to be brought together. The first dish was the Kati Roll (£5.50) which was basically spiced diced chicken tikka wrapped in thin chapatti like bread. It was supposed to be Romali roti or very thin,but was a bit too thick,but tasty however. I chose the chicken masal dum biryani.This is a biryani which is cooked in a copper pot sealed with dough.The idea is that the rice and filling (meat or veg) is cooked on dircect heat and steamed at same time (£11). This was served with a raita and tomato sauce. My sis went for kulchi (£9.50) which was a chicken and mince lamb curry. Mopped up by a cheesy naan £3. To wash it down we shared a large coke £2.50 and jug of water.


The style of food was Mughali with a definite bias towards common food types ie street food ,roadside cafe or dhabha and railway style as well as the
famous “staff curry”.

Definitely a unique experience,if you are in Manchester on Wilmslow Road or Knutsford,try Mughli. Alas nothing like this exists in Belfast!!!!

Great value at £36, and timings are great. Food was exceptional.

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