Good Friday Fish n Chips

Hi all the BFM is now officially on holiday til the 28th April, yippee!!!!
So to celebrate Good Friday and the start of vacation what better than good old fish and chips.

I went to The Catch
5 Larne Road
BT39 9UA
United Kingdom
Tel 028 9334 0008


All I wanted was fish and chips, so I ordered battered cod £3.95, chips £2.40 and a small portion if curry sauce 50p. It was very busy with lots of construction workers working on the Larne line upgrade.

From time to order to service was very quick.


The cod was perfectly fried, the batter crispy, the chips were excellent and not greasy and the curry sauce hit the spot. There is an extensive menu, might have the chicken curry and chips next time!!!!


I would urge you all to try this local establishment and remember the time
of year.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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2 thoughts on “Good Friday Fish n Chips

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