Running round the park/seaside

Hi all
BFM on kiddies duty today.Weather was fab,had my daughter,nephew and niece.After some party food at one of their friends house,I took them to Loughshore Park in Jordanstown

The weather was warm with a nice sea breeze.We played some football and the girls joined in!! Then tried some of the exercise machines dotted about.A fabulous idea,keep fit in the fresh air.

Then we had a lovely walk round the park before heading down to the shores of the Belfast Lough. By this stage the kids were getting peckish and reminded me where the icecream van was!!! Kids are observant when they want to be. Off to Mr George the ice cream van man who hails from the North East of England and is a stalwart at the park. The kids wanted lollies but there was only ice cream,in cones or in tubs ala knickerbocker glories. The kids wanted cones so 3 99’s later with the sprinkles and £6 lighter we headed home for some rice and lentils.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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