Chada O’Prey wedding part 2

The time for dinner was drawing near and the BFM was rather hungry,but the ceremony had gone on a bit too long.I knew that that would pose a logistical challenge.

The menu was a set menu


For starters we all had fan of melon with strawberry and champagne Bellini, this came out like a creamy light sauce,went very well with the melon,but not a true Bellini which is puréed white peach and Prosecco.

Now for mains,as all had been per plated and kept hot in ovens due to delay,this did dry out the food to a certain extent.The chicken and the potatoes had dried out a bit and the broccoli mornay had separated.The carrots did not taste of coriander.Overall it was edible but I had expected better.

The dessert was cinnamon flavoured apple crumble with custard,which was delicious but not very cinnamony!!!

The wedding cake was amazing.It was a 3 tier Victoria sponge cake and Malteser cake enclosed in marzipan and icing,with intricate henna type designs.Made by the team from




All the food followed the speeches. The MC Philip will be hanging up the mike in a few months and will be missed.The service was superb, all in all a gr8 day,venue,staff but food could have been better.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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