Birthday Treat by Wifey at Macau

The BFM was taken out for a wonderful Chinese meal by his significant other to celebrate his birthday.

The venue was
Macau Restaurant
271 Ormeau Road
Bt7 3gg
028 9069 1800

We ordered one starter,one main and rice. Now this must be the only Chinese restaurant which does not serve chips!!! Here’s what we had
Free prawn crackers with Chilli oil and ginger oil
King prawn with salt n chilli £6
Char Sui and monkfish hot pot £13.80
Egg fried rice £2.40
Total £22.80

This is a Byo establishment, but we just had water,so do so,also it doesn’t take credit cards and checques,only cash.

The food was fantastic,the hot pot was plentiful and served in a cast iron pot. The starter size and rice portion sizes were generous. The service was superb.

The BFM would definitely say give this place a go.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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