AM:PM 12th Birthday Cabaret

The BFM and significant other had the pleasure of sharing the 12th birthday of AM:PM attending the Cabaret Supper Club on Wednesday.

Upper Arthur St
028 9024 9009


On arrival we were offered a glass of bubbly,which my wife enjoyed!! We made our way upstairs to the Cabaret Supper Club. We chose seats close to the stage but tucked to one side. We were served a selection of hot tapas


There was pork sliders, chicken goujons, goats cheese croquets, chicken skewers,chips,bruschetta and pork belly. All scrummy and enough to satiate some rumbling tummies!!

The entertainment then commenced with Brian McKenna who sang some fantastic songs,some old classics such as Come Fly With Me and Fly me the Moon. After Brian the MC Robert Brown came on with a great hairdo and sang some rock songs,supported by three great girl dancers from Berlin.

They performed some great routines and Robert cracked some fab jokes.Was a great night of food and entertainment. It’s a great night out or Sunday day with great food and drinks.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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