I love Tuna

The BFM went to Stix and Stones to try the hot stone fayre for lunch.

44-46 Upper Queen Street
United Kingdom
+44 28 9031 9418

It was recently opened by Daniel And Martin Courtney, and let me tell you it’s a real gem in Belfast culinary delights!!!

I opted for the blackened king prawn on stone (£10.95) and hand cut chips (£3.50), washing it all down with water. I was informed after my order was taken that the prawn delivery had not come in and would I like something else.As I don’t eat beef I opted for the tuna steak on stone (£14.95).

The prawns would have been served with sushi rolls, tomato avocado and cucumber salsa. The tuna was served with tomato fondue,olives rocket and preserved lemons.

I was a tad disappointed as I really fancied the prawns. I was looking forward to seeing how they cook on stones here,remembering my surf and Turf on stone last week in Portugal.

When the dish came out I was very impressed. A nice sized tuna steak, on a small stone with a side of the salad and a separate bowl of chips.
The tuna was topped with a tomato salsa,I wouldn’t call that a fondue!!!!
It was fun cutting,cooking,watching and eating.It made the dining experience very interactive.

The service was amazing and very quick.The atmosphere was great and ambience superb. A couple of points to note. The selection of meats for cooking on stone was too limited, should maybe introduce pork and lamb at least,also stones are small and juiced tend to run off. Again I am a stickler for eating off a plain round white plate and not stones,slates or boards.

So overall I would have to say that ambience,customer service and experience was 10/10, the translation and presentation of the idea was 7/10.

I would endorse this place as a must see and experience it at first hand!!!!
I have fallen in love with tuna all over again.
Ps when I got the bill I was only charged lesser amount for the the prawns and not for the tuna,so hurrah we have some pretty fair staff in Belfast.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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