Expansion good or bad part 2 of 2

Part two looking at expansion being good or bad.I have to say that in this case it was all good!!!!

I’m talking of Meat in A Bap.
I was at the original in October last and decided to get a take out. I ordered two meat in a box with mac cheese and sticky BBQ sauce. First u kinda gather I’m a big fan of mac cheese so I know the good uns from not so good, second I’m partial to pulled pork and BBQ chicken,which were the two meats I chose,as I am not a beefeater,always wanted to use that word!!!! All for a fiver.

10 Bedford St
United Kingdom
028 9099 2692

The guys at the counter were real helpful and explained it all.Service was gr8, not enough time to get a car parking ticket from the red coats.


So overall full marks for decor,service and food quality!!!

I was over the moon to find out Meat in a Box mark 2 was open in Botanic Avenue recently. I made a bee line for it at the start of June and was very impressed with the layout,the decor, the service and attention of staff.

48 Botanic Avenue
United Kingdom
028 9031 4905
Same site as above.

Again I was asked if I knew how the restaurant worked.I went for a sit in and you guessed it I had Pork in Bap,hot sauce,mac cheese for £5.95 with glass water. The service was exceptional and the taste was every bit as good as the original,if not better. So big thumbs up and well done to the Meat in A Bap team!!!


So conclusion has to be that expansion is good if all details are thought,planned and executed to exacting standards, ps where will MIAB
Mark 3 be?????

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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