3 streets 1 fine dining Mecca in Belfast?

BFM on walkabout!!!
Just walking down 3 adjacent streets in Belfast, Howard Street, Brunswick Street and James Street South. Their juxtaposition is 100 paces!!

The first of 5 gastronomic names is Deanes on Howard Street. Michael Deane has done wonders here with 3 restaurants in one EIPIC, Love Fish and Meatlocker. A quick jaunt across Brunswick street still on Howard Street are The Flame and Howard Street (not open Monday). Anyone remember the Skandia???

Back down Howard Street and into Brunswick street we have James Street South Bar and Grill, Restaurant and Cookery School headed up by Niall McKenna, who I must say does fantastic food and his cookery school is great also- more in a later blog!!!!

Then the newbie just opposite is Shiro a new Euro Asian Fusian place. This was the old Irene and Nan’s.
So we are spoilt for choice, best thing is get stuck in!!!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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