First South Indian Eatery in Belfast

The BFM has to share this little pearl in the culinary treasure chest in Belfast.
It is Bollywood Spices which was the Pharaoh previously.

199 Lisburn Rd
United Kingdom
028 9543 8355

The place is primarily a takeaway with some limited seating and does deliveries also. The region of India that the food is from is Kerala which is the south west of India, the locals call it Gods Own Country. I must say it is a lush region which is the centre of spices and herbs in South East Asia and deserves the accolade.


We (myself and significant other) opted for Idli (4 pieces, £4) and masala dosa (£3.50). The idli are steamed rice cakes and are soft and fluffy,the masala dosa is a crepe made from split lentil flour,cooked like a crepe and stuffed with spiced potatoes. This was served with sambar (spiced lentil and vegetable curry), green coconut chutney and red spicy chutney.


The food was amazing and great to see in Belfast.The service was exceptional and the place was clean.I have since been and had chicken chilli masala and chicken varutharuchathu (mild coconut sauce), both “curries” @£6.50. A refreshing addition to Indian cuisine in Belfast and this demonstrates the diversity in Indian cuisine and the tastes and flavours.
Best to try for yourself. They do have a loyalty scheme and are open in the evenings from 16.30, but only serve the idli and dosa on Sunday,Monday and Tuesday.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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