Local v Global/Chains

Hi guys,sorry BFM has been quiet as my iPhone crashed!!!!

Today I want to have a chat about restaurants being local v global or chains. Let me expand on the title. By local is meant is the establishment owned,run,sourced and operated locally in the home town/state/country or is it part of a national/internationally held chain.

Now when it comes to us as consumers we demand varying types of food from the cheap and cheerful to Michelin starred haute cuisine and everything in between. We want a varied genre of food from fast food to fine dining to snacks etc, at prices to compare.

As businesses the local restauranteurs through to multinationals want to make a decent living by providing a consistently high quality product and service,as well as looking after staff and environment. I know as our family have experience in a local independent family run restaurant.

As a local enterprise it is very competitive trying to balance all the different variables and still provide good product,service and staff morale as well as complying with all the legislation and running a business.Hence prices must be set to reflect this. For me one of the most important things a local family run restaurant is that the family should be present, but that will invite more discussion.

Step in the chains.These guys will have a replicable,consistent,exacting model which may be competitively priced, but does,in my experience, fall down in many areas. Let’s praise the good,at least we know that the food quality is consistent at any given time and location for comparable prices and that decour and staff dress are the same. But this takes away one of the big reasons for going to restaurants in my opinion, and that is people. You don’t get to know owners,chef and staff and I have found this is important. Also a lot of these chains are artificial looking and are poor copies of the original.

It strikes me that being “corporations” all they are after is profit at the expense of everything else. Now some sweeping statements, I invite comment, let’s get the discussion started!!!!

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