Cool Concept in Chinese Cuisine at Beijing

The BFM went to Beijing Restaurant

341 Albertbridge Road
United Kingdom
028 9045 5759

What a novel concept. There is a large banner outside the restaurant saying “Eat As Much As You Want” lunch for £4.50, dinner for £6.99 (specific times).
I was not sure if it was a buffet type place, so I went in for lunch.

I was welcomed and seated and presented with a menu. My initial reaction was wow not a buffet, how does this work. I was reliably informed that you could order as many dishes as you wanted from appetisers (choice of 13), mains (choice of 15 plus accompaniments) and then desserts (choice of 4). The best thing was that the dishes all cooked from fresh to order.

I had a mixture, Crispy chilli chicken,chicken soup,chicken satay,prawn toast, crispy smoked chicken for starters.
Mains consisted of Chips,chicken fried rice,chicken balls,chicken curry,chicken Sichuan
Banana fritter and ice cream for sweet!!!


Now you might think all these dishes!! I must say the portion sizes were akin to small plates, almost tapaesque. The quality was good and service was fair. All dishes cooked afresh and very tasty . This would be a great place for a party!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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