Steamy Steamboat

The BFM was out with a gr8 m8 from Sheffield last night and ended up in the Steamboat.

Donegall Pass
United Kingdom
+44 28 9023 0862

The restaurant is advertised as an Oriental BBQ. I would have to describe it as an Oriental Hot plate/Hot pot venue. So let’s explore. The signature dish is the hot pot with hot plate.This is basically a hot ceramic plate on which a soup is boiled (there are different soup bases,we chose the Tom yam) in a metal dish. Then there is a heated metal grill/skillet which is recessed into the table. Both are run by electric and can be controlled by diner.

To start with the soups are placed on the hot plates and plates of beef and lamb slices are provided. The beef for my partner lamb for me. The idea is to either semi cook in soup then finish on grill or vice versa. So we obliged and tested the meat and soup and hot plates. So far so good. We then went to get some fresh meat/fish/vegetables and sauces,came back to table and again tried various cooking combos.

An hour later, a couple of beers later for my partner and after trying different permutations,combinations and having good banter with staff and diners from Scotland,we decided to call it a day. The Privelege cost each of us £16.88 each (apparently 8 is lucky in Chinese!!). For what we got and the experience definitely well worth it!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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