St Anne’s Square 4th Wall pulled pork

The BFM wanted to go see, feel and taste A Taste of Summer at Saint Anne’s Square, so went down Saturday afternoon. The heavens had just opened and by the time I was there it wasn’t that busy. But I did make it over to the 4th Wall restaurant.

St Annes Square
Talbot Street
United Kingdom
028 9027 8707

The offering there was a £5 pulled pork roll with celeriac coleslaw,apple sauce,BBQ and chilli sauce. The roll was crusty outside and moist inside,the slaw was very runny but delicious and the sauces were brilliant, not too chilli,salty or sweet. An amazing compliment to the spectacularly cooked, melt in your mouth and tasty pork. Would definitely recommend the 4th Wall. Must try the main menu!!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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