The Pallas Crossgar food show

Right the BFM told you the venue before,but now I want to talk about the exhibition.Pallas foods bought over Crossgar Chickens approx 6 years ago and are now the biggest food and service suppliers in Ireland.

Pallas started 45 years ago and after purchasing the Crossgar brand are now building a Dublin office which makes a lot of sense.

Newcastle West

I know Pallas and Crossgar well and they were missed at the last NIFEX in the Kings Hall,because they had two exclusive shows,one in Templepatrick,one in Letterkenny.

They deliver to trade mainly restaurants, hotels and some health food stores in and around Belfast (email me for which ones). They said they would consider home deliveries if it was over £100 of stuff.

Coming back to the theme I was concentrating on gluten free foods. David who looks after this section showed me all the range and boy it’s big.From pasta to pizza base,flour to cous cous,biscuits,snack bar,porridge and Delia Smyth endorsed Bouillion. So check out their site and get ordering. Unfortunately some of their meat products are not gluten free,the venison sausages,battered chicken and fish and crumbed ham.the rest of the pure cuts of meat are gluten free.

They don’t do gluten free deserts, but do olive and tapenades courtesy of @loveolive. There was also a vegan cheese,a semi soft mozzarella type made from Soya milk.

So it’s good to see the suppliers moving with the times.i think more restaurants and hotels should do gluten free menus,as more of the population are gluten intolerant be it Crohn’s or Coeliac disease or IBS.
This market is due to be worth upto £100 million and we have a great company who are on the ball.

Check out the photos!8174&parId=8F8595A557D4219C!125&authkey=!ACQfpY91j3xYQtQ&ithint=folder%2cJPG

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Gr8 place for an exhibition

The BFM was invited to the Templepatrick Hilton for a food exhibition. This was held in the Castle Upton Suite .

Castle Upton Estate
BT39 0DD
028 9443 5500

As I was driving through the gates along the tree lined drive way it looked beautiful. I noticed signs for tennis courts and the golf centre as well as a newly refurbished health club and spa. I have been to the health club and the restaurant and for a wedding reception, and can truly say that this is a fantastic venue set in lush grounds and a great holt hole from the city.

The exhibition itself was in the Castle Upton Suite. The room is very spacious and can accommodate large dining events eg weddings or club/ corporate dinners, and of course exhibitions.

So to sum up I would say that this is a great place to stay, eat, drink, exhibit, sleep and work it all of in the health club/spa, tennis courts or golf course/driving range.

Ciao for now !!!

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Gluten free food

1% of the population have a gluten intolerance and only 24% have been diagnosed. Coeliac,Crohns and IBS sufferers will all know how hard it is to get gluten free.

The BFM has found three local sources. The Gluten Free Patisserie




Mash Direct



Finally Safari Steak Burgers





This is a huge market and will be a great area of fast growth.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Chow for now!!!

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Autumn Fair @ Botanic Gardens

The BFM and girls went to the Autumn Fair at The Botanic Gardens.

College Park
Botanic Avenue
United Kingdom

This was a two day affair,we went on the Sunday.There was a fruit/veg show, flowers both inside the marquee and in the gardens as well as the glass house. For the kids there were rides, larger than life giants, an assault course, face painting,archery, a few “green” stands, as well as other stalls inside the marquee and food stalls outside.

The Botanic Gardens is home to the Palm House and the Tropical Ravine.

The Palm House shows how advances in glasshouse technology allowed horticulturists to grow exotic plant species during the Victorian period.

The building was designed by Sir Charles Lanyon, who also helped design parts of nearby Queen’s University. The foundation stone was laid in 1839 and the two wings were completed in 1840 by leading ironmaster, Richard Turner. The dome was added in 1852.

So I thoroughly recommend a stroll through the gardens of a nice afternoon.

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Root Soup @ 4th BCN

The BFM and girls went to Belfast Culture Night in Belfast on Friday 19th September.It was truly a magnificent way of getting people of all ages into the streets of Belfast City Centre especially the Cathedral Quarter, involved in all forms of culture,arts and leisure!

There where the usual burger vans,Crepes,hog roast and hot dogs. But the one place that really caught my eye was the Root Soup stand. Root Soup is a venture by L’ARCHE. They stand for the possibility of a world where,everyone, irrespective of colour, class, creed, or capacity, has a place to belong and reveal their gifts.They offer housing on the Ormeau Road which has become home to 9 people with learning difficulties and they are the core members. Volunteers help run this.
Tel 028 9064 1088

Anyways I went to the stand and they were selling soup either chilli or parsnip and carrot,along with tortilla chips and muffins in a recyclable card box. I tasted the carrot and parsnip soup and it was amazing,the girls all loved it,freshly made,no artificial additives.

The BFM would like everyone to look at their websites and support if you can.



Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Chow down now!!!

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Hi guys the BFM has completed 1st week of 6 in detox. No caffeine,refined sugar,white rice,any gluten,no animal produce or meat or milk!!!!!! I guess vegan with no gluten.What am I going to eat then.If you have any suggestions,recipes,even know if there are restaurants out there that cater for this I would love to know.

I will try different recipes and blog,so get your culinary thinking caps on and send me details.

I won’t be doing any restaurant reviews for 5 weeks,any will be from before.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Chow down now!!!

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2nd day of detox and mind and body changes

Hi all I’ve taken up Bikram Yoga in Lisburn which is yoga in a 40c room. Doing a 30 day body mind and soul cleanse.

46-48 Market Square
BT28 1AG
United Kingdom

I have reached a point in my life where I need focus and direction and proven physical and mental change. So check out Bikram Yoga.

I will share new recipes and foods as well as archives from my past restaurant visits.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Last blast b4 detox

Well the BFM started detox today with water,maple syrup,lemon and cayenne. So last night I was treated to a superb meal by a friend.

The restaurant was Failte. Failte means welcome and wow we were welcomed and looked after very well.

145-7 Falls Road
United Kingdom
028 9024 3846

I had Failte Chicken which was chicken in a creamy bacon garlic and onion with shaved parsnip and choice of potato, I had cheesy garlic potatoes. It was delicious, well cooked and a good portion size.

I had hoped for more Irish dishes eg Boxty and colcannon, you could add to the menu?! But champ and cheesy garlic spuds and Failte chicken certainly are. The menu is a varied one and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Trip to the Grand Opera House

The BFM took his daughter and niece to the Grand Opera House as part of the European Heritage Open Day visits.

2 Great Victoria Street
United Kingdom
028 9024 1919

We wandered around for a few minutes before the tour officially started. There was entertainment on,juggler,a band, face painting, jumping clay, balloons and bouncing castle. There were also choirs on stage performing some numbers.

We got a tour of the stalls,the stage, the green room, the dressing rooms,the Baby Grand and Act II.
The GOH has seen its fair share of history since it opened on 23rd December 1895 with the panto Blackbeard.It has seen two world wars, the troubles and recessions. In fact General Eisenhower has been in to see a performance by US troops.

The honour of having dressing room 1 goes to our very own May McFetteridge who has done over 2000 shows and not missed one, he is of course John Linehan MBE.

It is a presenting theatre in that people bring all their own production equipment. It can contain 1060 people and has 6 Boxes which had to be bought in advance hence term “box office”

At the start of the troubles it was sold in 1972, where it lay boarded up and derelict.1974 saw it become listed and in 1976 arts council bought it for£168000. It then Reopened on 26th September 1980.

The Act II which I referred to earlier allowed for west end and bigger shows and the land alone cost £6 million.It opened on the 21st November 2006. Since then the GOH has been growing from strength to strength.

I wonder if John will get a statue of remembrance like Frank Matcham.





The BFM has to try the restaurant next.

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