Death of the Big Supermarkets or rise of the smaller ones?

The BFM usually shops at the local Tesco Extra purely for convenience and I know where everything is. Also a lot of people abuse the parking areas ie park in kids slots and have no kids or park in disabled spots and have no blu badges!!!!!

However prices there are higher than Lidl.Also Lidl sends out a booklet with offers so variety changes. It is also cheaper and store sizes are generally smaller and no car park issues.

So the BFM is off to Lidl now.(I’m not singling Tesco out,but in NI we only have Tesco,Sainsburys,M&S and Lidl, not to mention Spar,Centra and Mace.)

I would love your feedback!!
Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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2 thoughts on “Death of the Big Supermarkets or rise of the smaller ones?

  1. W[r]ite Noise

    Lidl is def cheaper for fruit / veg but id say pretty comparable for everything else with own brand tesco / asda, quality pretty similar and theres a bit more variety on offer in bigger supermarkets. So I guess im staying put with my clubcard points! Unless we get Aldi – in which case, game changer.


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