Piri Piri chicken that packs a punch

The BFM had to fill up after another yoga session so decided to try Pepe’s chicken shop. This was different it was a Piri Piri place and I was offered a piece of chicken with extra hot sauce and I can promise you it was hot!!!!

Lisburn Leisure Park
Governors Road
BT28 1LP
United Kingdom
028 9266 6879

The menu range was fantastic . I went for the hot Piri Piri chicken and rice with Piri Piri chips, a garlic dip and a drink all for £6.29. There was a surcharge of 30p for the Piri Piri powder on the chips, and I felt there should have been more sauce with the chicken and rice. The staff were very friendly and restaurant very clean and has been doing well since it opened 5 months ago. Location wise you can’t beat,free parking and cinema,big hi 5.



Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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