Nice dinner out with Mrs BFM

We chose Lolita as we had a voucher to the value of £20.

66 Stranmillis Rd
United Kingdom
028 9066 8087

The deal was 2 starters,2 mains and two rice.If one wanted fish/prawn there was a surcharge. Also they were rigid and would not change a rice for a nan.

Anyways we ordered Chichen pakora supreme £4.10
Malai chicken tikka £4.25
Chicken tikka saag £11.95
Lamb chilli garlic £11.95
Keema nan £2.55
Plus water to drink. So quids in.



The starters were fantastic,the lamb garlic chilli certainly had chilli,not too much garlic and lamb was perfect. The chicken saag was a bit watery.Also the keema nan was very small.The food was tasty overall so give it a go.

Some USP’s were there were booths separated with chiffon,there was face cloths for hand dryers in the bathroom and expandable hot towels!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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