Northern Ireland Pork Assured Origin campaign

The BFM is proud to announce the following

Assured Origin’ Campaign Launched to Promote Local Industry

The Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum has devised the ‘Assured Origin’ scheme to promote Northern Irish pork products to shoppers throughout Northern Ireland. The scheme is a voluntary code of practice for the labelling of pork products – designed to communicate to shoppers that the sausages, bacon or cut of pork bearing the label has been produced in its entirety in Northern Ireland to some of the highest possible standards throughout Europe.

The Forum recognised shoppers in Northern Ireland want to know where their pork products come from and are keen to support the local industry. As a result an advertising campaign is being rolled out to encourage consumers to look out for the ‘Assured Origin’ label when shopping in supermarkets, convenience stores or butcher counters.

Norman Robson, Chairman of the Pork & Bacon Forum comments: “The ‘Assured Origin’ label guarantees that the product it appears on – from pork chops to shoulder of pork – is wholly produced here in Northern Ireland to the highest possible standards. We are incredibly proud of our meticulous standards, our industry and the role it plays in our economy. We are also delighted Tesco and other major retail partners are supporting our campaign by stocking locally produced pork. Shoppers should look out for the label and enjoy what is arguably the finest bacon, sausage and fresh pork produced in Europe.”
The pig farming industry makes a significant contribution to the agri-sector in Northern Ireland sustaining over 400 farming families and 2,000 local jobs. The ‘Assured Origin’ label has been developed to help the local industry produce clear, consistent and unambiguous labelling to promote Northern Ireland Pork. The label tells shoppers that the product has been inspected, conforms to industry standards and that the producers and processors have committed to routine surveillance and ongoing spot checks.

Cliff Kells Tesco NI’s Commercial Manager comments: “Our commitment to the local food industry through the Tesco Taste Northern Ireland campaign is well documented. We wholeheartedly embrace NI Pork’s ‘Assured Origin’ scheme as it lets our shoppers know that Tesco-brand pork products are reared and produced in Northern Ireland. We believe our customers have a right to know where their food comes from and this campaign helps customers make informed choices about the origin of their pork products.”

The ongoing Tesco Taste Northern Ireland campaign is supporting the ‘Assured Origin’ scheme, re-enforcing its commitment to local produce in a month long period of promotions and events that helps showcase local suppliers and supports the burgeoning food sector in Northern Ireland.

Assured Origins labels will be on NI Pork products across Tesco stores nationwide from September 1st 2014. Look out for the label in chill cabinets throughout Northern Ireland.

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​​​​​So the Tesco pork is good quality assured meat.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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