Root Soup @ 4th BCN

The BFM and girls went to Belfast Culture Night in Belfast on Friday 19th September.It was truly a magnificent way of getting people of all ages into the streets of Belfast City Centre especially the Cathedral Quarter, involved in all forms of culture,arts and leisure!

There where the usual burger vans,Crepes,hog roast and hot dogs. But the one place that really caught my eye was the Root Soup stand. Root Soup is a venture by L’ARCHE. They stand for the possibility of a world where,everyone, irrespective of colour, class, creed, or capacity, has a place to belong and reveal their gifts.They offer housing on the Ormeau Road which has become home to 9 people with learning difficulties and they are the core members. Volunteers help run this.
Tel 028 9064 1088

Anyways I went to the stand and they were selling soup either chilli or parsnip and carrot,along with tortilla chips and muffins in a recyclable card box. I tasted the carrot and parsnip soup and it was amazing,the girls all loved it,freshly made,no artificial additives.

The BFM would like everyone to look at their websites and support if you can.



Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Chow down now!!!

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