The Pallas Crossgar food show

Right the BFM told you the venue before,but now I want to talk about the exhibition.Pallas foods bought over Crossgar Chickens approx 6 years ago and are now the biggest food and service suppliers in Ireland.

Pallas started 45 years ago and after purchasing the Crossgar brand are now building a Dublin office which makes a lot of sense.

Newcastle West

I know Pallas and Crossgar well and they were missed at the last NIFEX in the Kings Hall,because they had two exclusive shows,one in Templepatrick,one in Letterkenny.

They deliver to trade mainly restaurants, hotels and some health food stores in and around Belfast (email me for which ones). They said they would consider home deliveries if it was over £100 of stuff.

Coming back to the theme I was concentrating on gluten free foods. David who looks after this section showed me all the range and boy it’s big.From pasta to pizza base,flour to cous cous,biscuits,snack bar,porridge and Delia Smyth endorsed Bouillion. So check out their site and get ordering. Unfortunately some of their meat products are not gluten free,the venison sausages,battered chicken and fish and crumbed ham.the rest of the pure cuts of meat are gluten free.

They don’t do gluten free deserts, but do olive and tapenades courtesy of @loveolive. There was also a vegan cheese,a semi soft mozzarella type made from Soya milk.

So it’s good to see the suppliers moving with the times.i think more restaurants and hotels should do gluten free menus,as more of the population are gluten intolerant be it Crohn’s or Coeliac disease or IBS.
This market is due to be worth upto £100 million and we have a great company who are on the ball.

Check out the photos!8174&parId=8F8595A557D4219C!125&authkey=!ACQfpY91j3xYQtQ&ithint=folder%2cJPG

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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