World buffet in Glasgow

The BFM and young daughter went to Glasgow on a day trip. We arrived at 12.15 and she was a tad hungry. We were walking along Sauchiehall Street and came across Cook & Indi’s World Buffet.

90 Renfield Street
G2 1NH
United Kingdom
0141 332 8432

Good job we got in when we did as the place filled up quickly and there was a queue to get in. There was an ample selection for the price paid. It was £5.99 for me and £3 for the lil lady.



The range of food was good in places and wanting in others. I managed to get around almost all. The Italian selection was a range of pizzas which were flavourless, macaroni cheese which was bland and had no salt and pesto pasta which was nice. My daughter enjoyed this, so that was ok.

Then moved onto the starters and accompaniments. The starters were fantastic. Proper coal tandoori wings,spicy wings,chicken pakoras to name but a few. The accompanying sauces and pickles should be next to these mixed starters and nans should not be there,they should be with the mains. There was no salad either.

The sushi selection was nice with some nice wasabi.


Onto the mains, the Indian selection reflected North to South ie Chicken Kashmiri, Lamb Jaipuri and Fish Malabari. My favourite was the lamb, it was cooked to perfection and followed by fish Malabari. The Kashmiri dish was bland and chicken Rogan Josh was not Rogan Josh,but it was nice. The rice was well presented on banana leaves.

Next there was a cold salad selection which was ample. The very disappointing bit was the Mexican and Spanish. No Spanish dishes and just Chilli Con Carne. There was nachos and sour cream and guacamole, but the salsa wasn’t proper salsa.

The Oriental section I liked, Thai veg curry was tasty, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, special fried rice and noodles were all lovely. If the chain is owned by Indians then in my view beef should not be served.

My daughter loved the ice cream and jelly!! Staff were efficient. I guess you get what you pay for. There is room for improvement guys.



Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Date night At 28

BFM took Mrs BFM out for dinner at a wonderful recently opened Chinese Restaurant and Take Out in Holywood called At 28.

45 High Street
BT18 9AB
028 9042 5888

I had a voucher for two starters, two mains and two sides. We ordered Crispy Chicken filo with sweet chilli (2 pc) and Salted and Chilli Chicken wings (4 pc) and received complimentary prawn crackers. The wings were great, not too chilli or salty, accompanied by a nice salad. The filo chicken was special. There were two chicken pieces wrapped in fine strips of filo and fried served on a bed of salad. The filo was crunchy and this was the first time we had tasted a dish like this,big thumbs up!

For mains we had Deep Fried King Prawn with salt and chilli and
Roast Duck in Plumb sauce with Chips and boiled rice. The portion sizes were big and the food was very tasty. It was served after about 15 minutes so was all cooked fresh. The duck was fresh and not frozen. It was all cooked by a Hong Kong Chef.

The restaurant was decorated with Hallowe’en regalia, which again was a first I had seen. It is also a BYO place.

This is a lovely place, with friendly staff and great tasting authentic Chinese Hong Kong food. I would certainly go back for more!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Trip to Annaghmore Mushrooms

First day of half term holidays and the BFM took daughter no 1 to Annaghmore Mushroom Farm in Lurgan.

We were greeted by one of the two directors Jelena, the other being Eamon her hubby. They have been producing mushrooms since 2000 and in this site since last year. It is a modern and well kept, organised and clinical environment with great emphasis on cleanliness and good cross contamination control. The farm, produce and raw materials are routinely checked and samples analysed in labs. A great emphasis on Quality Assurance and inspections and certifications as well as traceability.

We started our tour by visiting one of 12 mushroom tunnels (7 large, 5 small). The first thing we did was don hair nets and cleaned our footwear with disinfectant before entering. The earthy, mushroom smell met us on entry and it was kind of musty. The temperature was maintained at 16-18 centigrade by fans blowing air through oil fired piping. There they were the fungi we were going to pick.

The process of growing mushrooms is thus: local compost and peat are mixed with mushroom spores; the compost is then laid down first with a smaller layer of peat on top; these have been pre sterilised. The peat is then watered and left in darkness. The spores quickly grown into a horizontal mesh of mycelium from which pins develope which grow vertically into mushrooms. Button mushrooms take 5-7 days to grow, closed caps take 10 days and if left for 15 will open into flat white breakfast mushrooms or brown portabellows. When open on the underside of cap are gills from which spores arise. All the mushrooms are picked and sorted by hand. They either have the stalks trimmed (clean cut) or rustic and natural ie untrimmed, with bits of peat attached.

The mushrooms will produce two more crops after 10 days respectively before nutrients used up (they grow in the dark and do not get watered else the skin will change colour). Sometimes the mushrooms develope scales on cup surface. The peat and compost is then disposed of and as it is waste it costs to get rid of it. The tunnel is then steam cleaned and sterilised and the cycle starts again.

Looking at costs a large tunnel will cost about £4k for new compost and £1k for peat. There are 70 employees with the majority from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The other costs are oil for heating and haulage contracts to name but two. So it is a labour intensive job, so please remember when you are buying your mushrooms, it’s a costly game which is in decline (from 1000 farms in Ireland down to 70 ish). The main customer for Annaghmore is ASDA UK and Spar locally.

We picked a selection of buttons and closed cups of differing sizes. Annaghmore grow and sell their own mushrooms and process mushrooms from other suppliers who grow the brown and large flats as well.

Afterwards we donned lab coats and washed hands before going to see the grading of the mushrooms and packaging. All in all a very satisfying trip.

When we got home we decided to make mushroom mattar ( Indian style mushroom and peas in a thick sauce). We cleaned all the mushrooms and trimmed them. Then I finely chopped 1 onion, 3 cloves garlic and put into deep pan which had 2 tablespoons of Broighter Rapeseed oil and one of ghee. Then I added a teaspoon of turmeric, teaspoon of salt, and two teaspoons of garam masala as well as a whole finely chopped tomato and teaspoon of ginger purée. This I let cook for 10 minutes. I then added the mushrooms and cooked for 5 minutes. Then added a pint of hot water. Let this simmer and reduce for 20 minutes before adding 1/2 cup peas and chopped coriander and cooked for further 10 minutes. There you have a dish knocked up in no time at all.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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SFB Something to do over Halloween

The BFM loves this:

Do you know Buoy’s Park aka Cathedral Gardens in Belfast? Whether you do or you don’t this Halloween get ready to have your eyes opened as Belfast based company Project SFB (Street Food Belfast) is set to bring a unique pop up festival to the site, located between University of Ulster and St Anne’s Cathedral, from Friday 31st Oct – Sunday 2nd November. The event plans to showcase how under used places and spaces can be a source of creating new ways of socialising in the City of Belfast and encourage people to visit, explore and rethink the use of the City’s places and spaces.
The event at Buoy’s Park is the second pop up festival to be managed by Project SFB and the first with support from Belfast City Council. Their first event, in August this year, saw the disused Assembly Buildings in Waring Street, Belfast, transformed into a pop up festival for two evenings. The company hope that their Halloween event will be the start of a regular series of pop up festivals which will see under used places and spaces across the City being brought to life.
The pop up festival at Buoy’s Park will include a two storey marquee supplied by local company Maverick Marquees. It will also feature shabby chic and Halloween themed decor with chill out sofas and even the ‘buoys’ will get in on the act! Local food vendors will include Tricycle Trading, traditional tricycle vending with contemporary food, and Street Dogs, a Gourmet Hotdog Company – to name but a few. Lavery’s, Belfast oldest family owned bar, will provide traditional and craft beers, entertainment by local DJS and especially for the children a fun day on Sunday 2nd November featuring bouncy castles.
Gary Posnett, from Project SFB, said
“We are very excited to be running our second pop up festival event at Buoy’s Park and delighted to have the support of Belfast City Council. After the success of our first event at the Assembly Buildings, Waring Street in August this year, and having seen this type of event work so well in other cities across the world we just knew it would be great for Belfast. The secret is finding the right venue which will get people rethinking spaces they have probably passed by,and ignored, for many years. It is also a great opportunity for local food, drink and entertainment companies to get involved and be a part of something that little bit different.”
Project SFB at Buoy’s Park, Belfast opens Friday 31st October and will run until Sunday 2nd November. Opening times are 12pm – 1am and 12 – 6pm on Sunday. Admission is free before 7pm, Friday and Saturday a £5 admission fee will be applied. For further information visit
Further media enquiries:
Rachael Harriott
Harriott Communications
T: 07886036782
Notes to the editor
About Project SFB
Set up in August 2014 by businessman Gary Posnett, Project SFB aims to provide unique and exciting food, drink and entertainment experiences in under used places and spaces across Belfast City. All with the aim of encouraging people to rethink how they socialise in their City as well as offering food/drink/entertainment businesses the opportunity to take part in something different.
About Buoy’s Park
Cathedral Gardens also known as Buoy’s Park is located just under the dominating presence of St Anne’s Cathedral and the University of Ulster. In the centre are three large maritime buoys – a gift from the Commissioner of Irish Lights. Over 50 years old, they represent the successful days gone by when Belfast had a traditional sea port and ship building city.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Info on Food and Drink Show NI

Wow great few days at the Kings Hall Pavillion for the 2014 Food and Drink Show NI. Hats off to Linda, Judith, Rachael and Ross and the rest of the crew for spending the time and effort putting it together and executing it. I was at the show last year and did give feed back which was taken on board and actioned and there will be lessons to be learnt for next year.

Thanks goes to all the stall holders and sponsors Moy Park, Phoenix Gas, McGuigan Wines, NITB, Taste of Ulster and lastly Safe Food. The big draw were the TV chefs Simon Rimmer, James Martin, John Torode and Rachel Allen. There were also other local chefs (I saw Shivani Robinson from Treat Boutique 2).

Lastly big thanks to all the public who came on the three days.

A full report in the show will follow in the next few days.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Multicultural Diwali celebration at QUB

The BFM was invited to attend the joint South Asian Student Society and Malaysian Student Society NI at Space in the Queens University Belfast Students Society.

I took my 6 year old daughter and we were royally entertained by dancers and singers. The dancers,singers and musicians are full time students and have amazing talents. They sang Hindi,Tamil and English songs from Movies and also enacted a musical play about a Casanova type chap.How do they cram in practice and study?!?!

Midway through the show there was a break for chicken nuggets and drinks then the show went on…..









After the break was more performances, including a wonderful solo guitarist. There was a henna stall and an authentic Indian Clothes stall at the back of the hall. There was also a fantastic lad who danced very well and played the tablas exceptionally.
Great Drumming by Faisal the President.




After the show there was a delicious buffet meal provided by Bollywood Spice.Tasty Keralan style Indian food. To start there was chicken and vegetable pakoras, a Keralan chicken dish, chick peas and paneer with peas, with rice,nan and mixed veg raita and pickle. There was gulab jaman for sweets.




Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Gr8 Goat

Hi BFM was very kindly given a leg of cabrito goat from @broughgammonfrm (1.13kg £12.50)
and a litre of rapeseed oil from @harnettoil.

This morning I cooked a fantastic goat masala. I started by cutting as much meat off the bone as I could. I diced into cubes approx 1 inch, marinated with yoghurt,ground coriander,ground cumin,red chilli powder and salt and put in fridge.

Meanwhile in my pan (Le Crueset) I added the rapeseed oil and ghee. Once melted and hot I added 2 chopped onions, 3 chopped cloves of garlic, some puréed ginger and let this cook. Then I introduced the whole spices (cinnamon,cloves,black cardamom and bay leaves) as well as turmeric and garam masala and let they cook. Then I added the the bones (I sawed the leg bone into three pieces) and let the bones cook and colour for a few minutes. A carton of passata was added and fresh coriander and hot water. This was brought to the boil,then simmered for 30 minutes.

Whilst this was cooking I put the marinated goat into oven,gas mark 5, covered, for 40 mins.

After 30 minutes, I removed the bones,blended the sauce to a runny consistency,took marrow out of bones and cut off meat. This was all put back into pan and simmered. When the goat tikka was removed from oven it and juices all put into pan and simmered for 45 mins.

The marrow added depth and flavour to the sauce as did the bones. I served it with pea pilau rice and chapatti. There is enough to feed 6 people. Potatoes or mushrooms can also be used.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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NI Food And Drink Show 2014

Hi the BFM was at the Food and Drink Show at the Kings Hall Pavilion. It was amazing.Saw demos by Simon Rimmer and James Martin,tried lots of food, spoke to lots of people and want everyone to go and support it. I’m going again on Sunday and I will give full report after!!!! Sundays sees James and John Torode doing demos.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Happy Diwali or Deepawali

Hi from the BFM. Just wanted to wish you all a happy Diwali!!!!

Diwali is a festival held every year in late October or early November by Indian people all around the world.

It is celebrated because Lord Ram returned from 14 years exile to his home. It is also the Hindu people’s New Year and financial New Year. So it is Christmas and New Year rolled into one. It is also known as the Festival of Lights. Light signifies purity and the path through darkness, or good over evil.

At Diwali gifts and sweets are exchanged, prayers are offered to the powers that be especially Laxmi Goddess of Wealth, they are called Pujas. New clothes are donned and fireworks are let off. Some people even gamble and make merry. All around the houses are lit Diyas or small lights eg tea lights are lit to bring light into the darkness.

Of course there is the feasting. Lots of delicious Indian Fayre is made like aloo gobhi, daal, bindi, paneer, rice and raita to name a few of the vast array of food.

So once again Happy Diwali from the BFM.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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