Last day of BRW

The BFM says guys today is the last day of BRW,who knows when or if it will be back so please support our local restaurants. They buy local,employ local and bring money into the City and NI, with a fantastic selection of local, national and international foods.

The level and quality of staff and food is a credit to the head chefs such as Michael Deane, Paul Rankin and Niall McKenna et al. They have had the courage and foresight to bring their own flavours,menus and styles to Belfast, and have helped put Belfast on the culinary map. Can the powers that be not see that these events are good for the economy, tourism and the exposure of Belfast.

So can you all retweet me to all your followers, follow me and now start putting pressure on the Stormont executive. Together we stand divided we fall.

Ps eat street last night was gr8!!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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