Hey, Good Lookin’

Try hot yoga

In Yoga Collective: Trauma Conscious Community

Early on in my teenage years, I received some valuable advice. While hanging at a (guy) friend’s house, he mentioned how his older sister was obsessed with losing weight. He relayed: “My mom says it doesn’t matter what the scale says, it matters how you feel.” As an impressionable 16-year-old, I could only assume his mother’s words were true. Regardless of why this mantra has stuck with me, I am ever grateful to have had it as I entered the age [or rather, decade] of body image and weight-obsession, myself.

Easier said than done – and for better or worse – I’ve always tried to let how I feel lead me. In the realm of weight loss, it’s interesting to note that we all have days where we feel gorgeous and sexy in our favorite size 6 jeans, and others where we loathe ourselves for wearing the same pair. I’d…

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