Fast food fetish

Ok so the BFM lives all sorts of food from gourmet to fast food,from home cooked to cooked by others.I will try lots of different genres.Yes I have favourites, and yes I have morals as to how and where the produce is made/grown/supplied and processed.

Obviously and recently there have been various scandals involving meat, ie different animal DNA in specific meat products, which can affect Religious groups.

I went to my local “kebab house” called Hamads recently in Portland Street Glengormley. I was suggested by the owner,a pizza box of meat n chips with salad. There were two sizes, according to pizza box sizes, small and large (9in and 12in). I was given the large which contained donner meat (100% lamb) 2 chicken pakoras, 4 pieces of chicken tikka, 2 hot wings,chips, salad and sauce (garlic and chilli).

I must say it was fantastic, tasty, well cooked and satisfying.A once a year treat!!!! But I would urge u all to try them out!!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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