Gr8 Goat

Hi BFM was very kindly given a leg of cabrito goat from @broughgammonfrm (1.13kg £12.50)
and a litre of rapeseed oil from @harnettoil.

This morning I cooked a fantastic goat masala. I started by cutting as much meat off the bone as I could. I diced into cubes approx 1 inch, marinated with yoghurt,ground coriander,ground cumin,red chilli powder and salt and put in fridge.

Meanwhile in my pan (Le Crueset) I added the rapeseed oil and ghee. Once melted and hot I added 2 chopped onions, 3 chopped cloves of garlic, some puréed ginger and let this cook. Then I introduced the whole spices (cinnamon,cloves,black cardamom and bay leaves) as well as turmeric and garam masala and let they cook. Then I added the the bones (I sawed the leg bone into three pieces) and let the bones cook and colour for a few minutes. A carton of passata was added and fresh coriander and hot water. This was brought to the boil,then simmered for 30 minutes.

Whilst this was cooking I put the marinated goat into oven,gas mark 5, covered, for 40 mins.

After 30 minutes, I removed the bones,blended the sauce to a runny consistency,took marrow out of bones and cut off meat. This was all put back into pan and simmered. When the goat tikka was removed from oven it and juices all put into pan and simmered for 45 mins.

The marrow added depth and flavour to the sauce as did the bones. I served it with pea pilau rice and chapatti. There is enough to feed 6 people. Potatoes or mushrooms can also be used.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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