SFB Something to do over Halloween

The BFM loves this:

Do you know Buoy’s Park aka Cathedral Gardens in Belfast? Whether you do or you don’t this Halloween get ready to have your eyes opened as Belfast based company Project SFB (Street Food Belfast) is set to bring a unique pop up festival to the site, located between University of Ulster and St Anne’s Cathedral, from Friday 31st Oct – Sunday 2nd November. The event plans to showcase how under used places and spaces can be a source of creating new ways of socialising in the City of Belfast and encourage people to visit, explore and rethink the use of the City’s places and spaces.
The event at Buoy’s Park is the second pop up festival to be managed by Project SFB and the first with support from Belfast City Council. Their first event, in August this year, saw the disused Assembly Buildings in Waring Street, Belfast, transformed into a pop up festival for two evenings. The company hope that their Halloween event will be the start of a regular series of pop up festivals which will see under used places and spaces across the City being brought to life.
The pop up festival at Buoy’s Park will include a two storey marquee supplied by local company Maverick Marquees. It will also feature shabby chic and Halloween themed decor with chill out sofas and even the ‘buoys’ will get in on the act! Local food vendors will include Tricycle Trading, traditional tricycle vending with contemporary food, and Street Dogs, a Gourmet Hotdog Company – to name but a few. Lavery’s, Belfast oldest family owned bar, will provide traditional and craft beers, entertainment by local DJS and especially for the children a fun day on Sunday 2nd November featuring bouncy castles.
Gary Posnett, from Project SFB, said
“We are very excited to be running our second pop up festival event at Buoy’s Park and delighted to have the support of Belfast City Council. After the success of our first event at the Assembly Buildings, Waring Street in August this year, and having seen this type of event work so well in other cities across the world we just knew it would be great for Belfast. The secret is finding the right venue which will get people rethinking spaces they have probably passed by,and ignored, for many years. It is also a great opportunity for local food, drink and entertainment companies to get involved and be a part of something that little bit different.”
Project SFB at Buoy’s Park, Belfast opens Friday 31st October and will run until Sunday 2nd November. Opening times are 12pm – 1am and 12 – 6pm on Sunday. Admission is free before 7pm, Friday and Saturday a £5 admission fee will be applied. For further information visit http://www.projectsfb.co.uk
Further media enquiries:
Rachael Harriott
Harriott Communications
T: 07886036782
E: rachael@harriottcommunications.com
Notes to the editor
About Project SFB
Set up in August 2014 by businessman Gary Posnett, Project SFB aims to provide unique and exciting food, drink and entertainment experiences in under used places and spaces across Belfast City. All with the aim of encouraging people to rethink how they socialise in their City as well as offering food/drink/entertainment businesses the opportunity to take part in something different.
About Buoy’s Park
Cathedral Gardens also known as Buoy’s Park is located just under the dominating presence of St Anne’s Cathedral and the University of Ulster. In the centre are three large maritime buoys – a gift from the Commissioner of Irish Lights. Over 50 years old, they represent the successful days gone by when Belfast had a traditional sea port and ship building city.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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