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Gr8 local hemp and rapeseed oil

Hi BFM read the Belfast Telegraph today (Monday 20th Oct) and came across the article below.


Harnett’s Oils is a favourite of mine.Why? Because it has a great taste, it’s burning point us higher than conventional oils, it is healthier, it is tasty and is local.

I have used it for 4 years and love it. Rapeseed oil is actually used by the likes of KFC and McDonalds because of its superior properties.

If you have not tried it yet, please check their website and try them at St George’s Market.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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The dangers of Pizza????

The BFM was reading yesterday’s Daily Telegraph (Sat 18th Oct) and came across this wee piece on pizzas.

It’s frightening, I will let you all read it and make your own minds up!!!


Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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BFM and co on day trip

The BFM and wife,no 1 daughter and uncle and aunt from Canada went on a road trip yesterday.

We started from Carrickfergus and saw the Norman Castle and gave them a wee bit of history and they enjoyed it.

Then we drove the A2 coastal route along the famous Antrim coast and again weather was great,scenery was amazing. No wonder it has been included in the Worlds most beautiful drives top 10.

They all loved the scenery,the cliffs and rolling green Glens of Antrim,the colours if the sea, the little towns,Ballygally castle and the North Antrim Coast. We passed Ballycastle and Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge,saw Scotland’s south western edge,and the Rathlin Isle.

We stopped at Port Ballintoy where part of Game of Thrones was filmed. Also we saw some very brave high school kids who were Coast steering, they were very brave!!

After this our next port of call was the World Famous World Heritage site and new Visitors centre,the gateway to the Giants Causeway. Good job I told all to wrap up well as it was very windy and hats,scarves and jackets were needed.

My only gripe was that for 4 adults and 1 child we paid £38 compared to £6 for car parking before the Visitor Centre opened. The Visitor Centre is lovely, with the cafe,amenities,shop and geological history.For your ticket you get use of centre,audio guide,guided tour and car parking.
One cannot avail of just car parking without buying tickets for all!! I can understand The National Trust/Stormont need to recoup money spent but a six fold increase is too much!!

I always love going to the Giants Causeway and showing people around but the price is too much. Parts of Dracula Untold were filmed there also.

After this we went to Bushmills and had a few photos before going to the shop for a quick guide to the Bushmills brands of whiskey. Bushmills of course is the oldest licensed distillery in the world.It got its charter in 1608.You can do tours at £7.50 a person,but time was pressing. I have done tours before and is certainly well worth it!!!

Best Chinese buffet chain in NI

The BFM is reminiscing about a trip to what I feel is one of the best Chinese buffet restaurants in Belfast.

101-150 York street
Cityside Retail Park
02890 754811

They have three other branches in Cookstown, Bangor and Enniskillen.

The food is great. I feel there is just the right amount of food for a Chinese buffet and not too much choice, so you can taste everything. The quality is consistent and I have nothing bad to say against it.

Food is always hot, fresh and frequently replenished. The staff are very good and Michael the manager is great.

It’s located at the Cityside Mall, so you can do your shopping, watch a money and have food,all at a reasonable price.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Fast food fetish

Ok so the BFM lives all sorts of food from gourmet to fast food,from home cooked to cooked by others.I will try lots of different genres.Yes I have favourites, and yes I have morals as to how and where the produce is made/grown/supplied and processed.

Obviously and recently there have been various scandals involving meat, ie different animal DNA in specific meat products, which can affect Religious groups.

I went to my local “kebab house” called Hamads recently in Portland Street Glengormley. I was suggested by the owner,a pizza box of meat n chips with salad. There were two sizes, according to pizza box sizes, small and large (9in and 12in). I was given the large which contained donner meat (100% lamb) 2 chicken pakoras, 4 pieces of chicken tikka, 2 hot wings,chips, salad and sauce (garlic and chilli).

I must say it was fantastic, tasty, well cooked and satisfying.A once a year treat!!!! But I would urge u all to try them out!!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Another fine dish using Annaghmore mushrooms

The BFM used the four Portabellow mushrooms to make cheesy breadcrumbed mushrooms.

So what I did was remove the stalks, pan fried the mushrooms on both sides for 5 minutes in rapeseed oil, just until they colour and start releasing the juices.

Meanwhiled I grated some Causeway Cheese Company Cheddar with whole peppercorns. It is a very mature strong cheese with a taste not dissimilar to blue cheese. I then food processed a 1/2 slice of brown bread and added salt and pepper. Then put the cheese in with the bread. I shared the mixture onto the underside of the mushrooms and grilled for a few minutes et voila!!

A gr8 starter with salad.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Hi the BFM wants to share this with everyone especially those who eat or prepare gluten free foods,courtesy of seriouspr.


Growing appetite for tasty gluten-free range created by local hotelier

A new range of Northern Ireland-produced gluten-free foods, Rule of Crumb, is now available in one of the province’s oldest independent butchers in Ballymena, with plans to roll out the brand province-wide in the next fortnight.

Rule of Crumb was developed by Ballycastle hotelier Colum McLornan who was Inspired by a determination to create a better deal for Coeliacs after witnessing a close friend suffer the consequences of Coeliac intolerant food. Colum is now a self-proclaimed visionary for ‘Gluten Freedom’ on a mission to creating a better future for Coeliacs sufferers in the UK by raising both awareness and quality of food and choice
Rule of Crumb offers better quality taste without compromising on health standards through Gluten-free products, and hygienically efficient individual portion packaging to minimise cross-contamination, along with training and guidance for food industry and catering staff.

The Rule of Crumb creator says such is the appetite for the gluten-free range, another 12 independent local butchers in Belfast and Ballymena will be stocking the products in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile, negotiations are ongoing with major food distributors in Britain and the Republic of Ireland to supply Rule of Crumb products to supermarkets.

Colum McLornan, who identified the demand for gluten-free solutions when he began stocking gluten-free bread at his hotel, says this first deal is one of many: “Barrs Butchers in Ballymena is the first independent butchers in Northern Ireland to stock Rule of Crumb gluten-free products. Now their customers can buy our gluten-free chicken products, including Chicken Gougons, Chicken Kiev and Chicken Maryland. We are currently in talks with major distributors to supply the gluten-free brand to butchers and supermarkets in Great Britain and Ireland.”

Michael Surgenor, Manager at Barrs Butchers in Ballymena, said: “Our butchery business was established in 1878 so it is well-known for its quality and choice in the Ballymena area. The demand for gluten-free products is definitely there and Rule of Crumb has already become a very popular choice. We chose to stock Rule of Crumb chicken products because they are frozen which means they have a longer shelf life than a fresh product. Gluten-free foods are a speciality product. Not every customer who comes into our shop will be Coeliac (gluten intolerant) so it makes sense for us to keep frozen products. We have already sold lots of Rule of Crumb products in our first week of putting them out on the shelves.”

Colum added: “It is important that Rule of Crumb is stocked by a quality outlet such as Barrs Butchers who have shown a very forward-thinking attitude to stocking our gluten-free range.”

The Rule of Crumb founder anticipates substantial growth for the brand with plans to supply the quality range – which includes a gluten-free muffin specially developed for coffee shops – to hotels and restaurants in the near future.

Gluten-free food is one of the fastest growing sectors in the food market, where one in 10 people suffer food allergies with over five million Coeliacs in the UK.

Colum is now leading the charge for ‘gluten freedom’ by creating the tasty new food range which meets the highest food standards, and is BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited: “I have projected Rule of Crumb’s turnover to increase by 50% over the next six months such is the demand for this niche product.”

He pointed out a recent EU ruling has created an opportunity for Rule of Crumb: “If you own a restaurant and want to offer gluten-free foods on the menu, the current situation is that you have to make them yourself but we can save that hassle by supplying the products.”

Colum, who owns the Marine Hotel in Ballycastle, created the gluten-free food brand just under two years ago after spotting a gap in the market for a new range which meets the high standards required for those with Coeliac disease, while tasting as good as non-gluten free varieties.

The new Rule of Crumb product range includes the breaded chicken range, breaded fish, part-baked bread rolls as well as specially developed single portion breakfast cereals and individually-wrapped part-baked bread rolls.

Colum explains: “It is crucial for Coeliacs that there is no cross contamination in the production line with any ingredients containing gluten which is why I developed individually wrapped bread rolls. These are part-baked and finished in the oven, then served in their wrapper so the consumer can rest assured it is safe for them to eat. Likewise, breakfast cereals are individual portions to reassure the consumer of the products gluten-free credentials.”
Colum adds: “We need a revolution in tackling intolerant food and thinking that leads to unnecessary suffering or lack of freedom of choice for Coeliac sufferers.

“We want Rule of Crumb to become the true champion for ‘Gluten-free Freedom’ to create a better future for Coeliacs, to be free from fear of illness, enjoy more choice and better tasting food by raising standards in food and hygiene.

“We don’t just have to address Coeliac intolerant food but also thinking as well.”

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Fusion cuisine

The BFM wants to look at fusion cuisine. This seems to be a “big buzz style” in restaurants everywhere. What is fusion? The definition is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

In the case of food it is to mix different styles of cooking and flavours. I want to demonstrate that with a simple meal. It will be sausage,egg,beans,noodles and black pudding using local produce.

I used Paul Rankin Leek and pork sausages and pan fried them. I cooked 5 Skea eggs and made scrambled eggs using ghee. The noodles were Chinese egg noodles which were added to lightly fried (sesame oil) local carrots,asparagus,onion and Annaghmore mushrooms. Beans good old Heinz. The black pudding was Dohertys which I grated (200g) and fried off in Irish rapeseed oil with one chopped onion and white Annaghmore mushrooms.I flavoured this with ginger, garlic, garam masala, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I will add chilli later,as kids will eat this.

So there you go my definition of fusion using local and far ingredients cooked in an exotic way to make for more interesting and tasty food!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Soy Manchurian


Indo -chinese food has seen the fastest evolution in the last few decades, here. What exactly is Indo – chinese ?? Simply put, Indianized chinese food. When i say Indianized, it denotes spicier and more adapted to the Indian palate of sauteed and fried, rather than steamed or continental. 😀

Indo -chinese cuisine have said to be born by a small Chinese community in Kolkata, India. Kolkata boasts of the only Chinatown in India. Click here for more information.

pic source : Google pic source : Google

pic source : Google pic source : Google

Indo – chinese food has become an integral part of the Indian food scene.

Presenting here today is Soy Manchurian, with a general splash of colorful bell peppers and rich in protein, soy nuggets.

soy manchurian

Here’s what i did……………


1 cup – soy nuggets

1 cup – mix of bell peppers, chopped in squares

1 nos – green chili

1 nos – large…

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