Cosmo very cosmopolitan

The BFM wants to share his food love of Cosmo,Victoria Square,Belfast. I have said before am not a big fan of buffet,but this is the quintessential best buffet chain.
028 9023 6660

I was joined for Sunday lunch by my two sisters. I booked online on Friday for noon,and let me recommend you book in plenty of time, as when we left at two the restaurant was packed and there were queues forming to get in.

The range was amazing,from dim sum to sushi,from salads to Indian and Chinese starters of all types, including chicken tikka,seek kebab, duck pancakes,prawn toast,crackers and a myriad of others.

The main courses were from Italy (pizza and pasta), traditional roast dinner,live cooking stations exhibiting Teppanyaki (I had the scallop and prawns) and grilled meats (I had chicken and ribs). There was also live noodle station and real Tandoori oven cooking Tandoori chicken and naan.

There was a great selection of curries/meat in sauce dishes. From the Indian kitchen there was chicken tikka masala, chicken korma, dun lamb curry,chick pea curry,potatoes and rice.

Then Japanese,Thai,Chinese,Korean too many to mention,you just have to go.

Just when you think you cannot eat any more there’s the sweet section, say no more. Extremely highly recommended,so get down to Cosmo.


Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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