Marinating the turkey

The BFM is so keen to try the bird I was presented with by John and Thomas Galloway of

50 Tannaghmore Rd
BT41 3HB
United Kingdom

That I decided to remove the legs and wings and marinade them in Tandoori masala, my own special blend. I cut off the legs and wings and cut them into two. I am making two batches hot and spicy one (white bucket) and a milder version (black box). I added a large spoon of yoghurt,lemon juice, large spoon of tandoori masala and a touch of oil.

Then refrigerated over nite and I have just turned them round. I plan to slow roast them for 40 mins at 180 then high heat for 30 minutes or so. In summer I would part oven cook and then finish on BBQ. Ideal marination time is 24 hours, and it is important to cook any fresh meat or fish from room temperature.

So we are all looking forward to our Tandoori turkey tonight. It is a Norfolk black, it was 7.9kg whole and plucked and 6.635kg minus the “hands and feet” and offal, the giblets are also enclosed (neck,liver,outer stomach which is muscle and heart which is muscle). One can cook these or throw or use for making a lovely jus.

Tomorrow I will talk about my visit to farm and how the turkey tasted. Nb the last two pictures are when I started marination at 3pm Friday,2nd pic is at 9am Saturday.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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