1st Sugar v Salt 2nd breastfeeding

Hi guys BFM here to discuss two articles I read in today’s Daily Telegraph Thursday 11th December.




Now the idea of this blog is to get u all to think logically.

Take sugar is worse than salt for your heart. There are academics and politicians and lobbyists on both sides. Some are supported by Department of Health eg Government, some are supported by food manufacturers.

I need to say that sugar in the concentrations we consume have always been bad for teeth, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The food manufacturers know this and have buried the research rather akin to the scientists whom knew tobacco was bad and that research was buried.

Now in the USA over 1000 food products contain High Fructose Corn Syrup which by the way is made from genetically modified corn. So here we get “Frankenstein sugar”.

Read the articles and make your own minds up. Also my advice is to eat fresh fruit n veg and carefully farm reared meat/fish.

My second point is breastfeeding. It’s great that it may prevent cancers. It has lots of nutrients and anti microbial agents that fight infection. I would recommend it, I was breast fed, as were my two girls.

But the issue is breastfeeding in public, which I don’t agree with because of pure decency. If child needs breast fed do it in private, go to a bathroom, a child room or a private space. If ordinary girls get their breasts out in public there would be outrage, so why is it not outrageous to breastfeed?

As always I’m always available for comments.

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