Stop the cuts

The BFM also is a mentor for the Takeover Film Festival at Queens Film Theatre. DCAL want to cut funding by 50%. This will seriously affect Northern Ireland’s burgeoning film and TVW industry. Imagine no Liam Neeson, Jimmy Nesbitt to name but a couple of local actors, or The Fall or, dare I say it, Game of Thrones.

So I’m forwarding you this message below,please support:
“Dear Colleague,

I’m sure you will have heard about the impending film sector cuts in the news this week. Any testimonial or response that you can give via the social media campaign #savefilmni and the online app (link below) can really help. There is also a petition at QFT that you can sign. Please feel free to forward this information to your colleagues and other contacts that you know have attended events at QFT, and if applicable give your students some brief guidance on submitting the online response.

QFT and many other organisations have been asked to prepare for a devastating 50% cut in funding.
Please take two minutes to show your support, as if these cuts are implemented it will have a direct impact on film exhibition and education activity province wide.

The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) has asked organisations that are funded through Northern Ireland Screen to prepare for a 50% cut in funding in 2015-16.

The agency supports many of Northern Ireland’s best known Film Exhibition and Film Education organisations including Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival, Nerve Centre, Cinemagic, and INTO Film Club.

At a time when the film and creative industries in Northern Ireland are being celebrated on a world stage, the unprecedented level of these proposed cuts puts the future of these organisations at serious risk.

We need your help – the draft budget for 2015-2016 is out now for public consultation and we have until the deadline of 29 December 2014 to make our voices heard about how our public money will be spent. Please respond to the draft budget today by going to our home page and click onto campaign section which will take you to the online app (on top right of the home page).

This app will guide you on submitting a response and has the draft DCAL budget document on the proposed film exhibition and education cuts, plus a sample letter – feel free to use this letter in its entirety or personalise it with your own message.

You can respond by post or email (addresses in the sample letter), or via the web app –

Every letter counts and time is of the essence – please show your support today.

Many thanks for your support.

Best Seasonal Wishes,


Marion Campbell
Education Officer
(Part-time Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Queen’s Film Theatre
Head Office
Room 01.095, Lanyon North
Queen’s University Belfast
University Road, Belfast

Direct Line Tel: +44 (0) 28 9097 1396
Work Moblile Tel: +44 (0) 7814 944020

Find out more about QFT’s youth panel and the Takeover Film project for 15-21 yr olds here:

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Twitter @belfastfoodman
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