Update on help feed the needy initiative

It’s Christmas time soon and that means market is closing soon. Weather has been erratic, hopefully won’t get too cold like last week. SOS bus has been busy so Joe and his team have been collating what they can.

On wet nights like tonight and Friday night when we started,people didn’t come into the market,so some stalls stayed closed. Conversely if it’s dry,cold and/or damp then market does better but we don’t get as much food so it’s win win in the sense traders are happy and the needy are happy. Some days more happy than others if u know what I mean.

Have been getting lots of retweets and messages. Please adopt,adapt and improve the idea and let’s keep momentum going!! The media and The Lord Mayor have shown keen interest.

I shall hopefully be there Wednesday evening,will you?

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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