Tis the season to be Merry at Pizza Hut

Well the BFM took lil missy for a buffet lunch at Pizza Hut in Glengormley

144 Antrim Rd
BT36 7QR
United Kingdom
028 9077 6667

It was her last day at school before the Christmas Vacation. A couple of things of note. Although part of UK, the Pizza Huts here (NI) are part of the Pizza Hut Ireland network and not UK,guess this is for logistics, but is silly as we are still part of UK. Other food companies do this as well. Secondly as this was end of term for many and last Friday before Christmas they did not have enough staff for customers. At one stage I counted 80 diners and two kitchen staff and three serving staff.
Lastly there is a lot of wastage as quite a few of the pizzas did not have cheese and toppings to edge of crusts, especially the deep pan.

Apart from that the Pizzas were nice, the salad selection is reduced (no bacon bits, no onions bar pickled, no tomatoes). Also the White creamy veggie pasta needs improvement as it was bland and the tomato based pasta we didn’t know if it was meat or veggie, and if meat which meat.

Really more staff should have been there,the points above need addressed and I would not order a la carte due to above as there were dishes ready to be served on the counter,which sat for a while.I felt like serving it myself.

However We still love Pizza Hut and for lil missy it was a treat to mark end of school!!!! It’s great value approx £10 for us both.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!
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Ps just got results from Tripadvisor for 2014, have a look below!!!


I shall also b at the Christmas Market tonight,tomorrow night and Sunday to help with SOS bus.

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