Black Friday at the Belfast Christmas Market

Hi all, BFM and George from SOS made a trip last night to the Market, expecting not to get too much. It was Black Friday ie the busiest Friday for bars/restaurants/clubs before Christmas. The media had been bigging it up all day. The weather was also very favourable. Now driving around town a lot of bars/restaurants were unusually quiet,as was general footfall.

When I got to the market I chatted to the stall holders, who did say business was ok, some busier than others. The upshot was that we did get a lot of food,the most to date!!! The Moroccan stall gave plenty,he could have given 2-3 times the amount but we didn’t have enough containers!!!! Tapitas gave us lots of chicken as did our Jamaican friend Carl. The Pan House gave us quite a bit of pan dishes and Bratwurst. Our French friends gave us potatoes and Tartiflette and lastly the patisserie gave us twisted baguettes and garlic bread with cheese.

Firstly a big thank you to all the stalls who donated,your food has helped lots of people!!!!! Secondly its Saturday today,weathers good so please all get out and about and buy food from the market,please don’t waste it as there are people who are in need of food.
Also message to restaurants/take aways and people in general, please keep the portion sizes on the smaller side to reduce waste, especially over Christmas when we all tend to overdo it. Will be at market again tonight and on the SOS bus tonight!! I also gave some Boost for drinks.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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