Last day of market, BFM 1st Birthday

Wow what a day, perfect end to a pretty packed 1st year for the BFM. It was the last day of the Belfast Christmas Market brought to you by Allan (MD of Marketplace Europe), Norman and all their staff, including Mervin from MS Services, who built many of the stalls, the Belfast City Council and the security guards. Most important big thanx to everyone who attended.

Secondly it’s the BFM’s 1st Birthday. What a year!! Big thanx to all those generous people who let me try their food, write about them, gave me support and encouragement. Big thanx to my wife and two girls and family and friends. A year in which I have blogged nearly 300 posts, had over 11,000 views on WordPress and over 13,000 on Blogspot, completed 145 Tripadvisor reviews, had over 45,000 views, so a big thank you to everyone who has interacted. The BFM is an evolution, thank you sincerely for all the support and onwards and upwards!!!!!

As I’m sitting watching the final of the Apprentice please spare a thought for all those people less fortunate than ourselves, who are homeless or in hostels or missing loved ones, also the market traders who have to work through this weather to dismantle the stalls and return to their respective homes,Bon voyage, cu next year!!!!

Turning to the collection of food for those in need. I must firstly start by thanking Karl who gave me the idea, Allan the owner and Norman the manager who jumped at the chance and gave me lots of support,The SOS bus crew (Joe,George,Gay,Gail,Alison the gate keeper and all at SOSBus NI) for being on board and actually coming and doing the hard work and putting in the long hours at night, the Welcome Organisation who took the biggest load today especially Connel, Paula and Johnny (the latter two did sterling work today), Dianne at the CAB who put me in touch with Carol from the Housing Executive who put me through to Des Marley of the Homeless Unit who told me about SOS group. Thanx to the Simon Community, pity you couldn’t facilitate,but there’s always next year. Lastly a huge thank you to Karl and Kofi the Jamaican team for jerk chicken and lamb curry and sweet potatoes , the French Tartiflette team for sautéed potatoes and tartiflette ,Le Pattisserie -merci beaucoup pour votre pain et baguette Alec fromage , the Spanish Tapitas team for chicken,the German Pan House team for fresh vegetables , the German beer tent team for Bratwurst and bread rolls, the Italian team for pastries and the fromagerie for their cheese, the Dutch team for their Stroopwaffel,banana waffles,cheese and sweets and lastly the Morroccan team for all their delicious chicken,lamb,donner meat, beans and veggie tagines with cous cous and rice and all the other traders who have helped. It’s better that food goes to those that need it rather than being thrown out, apparently there were lots of thawed bratwurst disposed of b4 we could get them!!!



The market was busy despite the weather and well done to all who braved the elements. There was a chocolate stall which is gluten and dairy free and tasted nice, watch this space, they will be online soon.





After van loaded it was off home to cook home made seek kebabs, mint chutney and lamb kofta and mushrooms for dinner and a well earned rest.



Next year we would like to expand this so any help or suggestions will be gladly received.

Please all have a great and safe holiday period. Think of all those people not as fortunate as us not just over the holiday period but through the year. Try not to overindulge too much!!!!! Be safe and enjoy.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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