Annual family dinner

What can I say the BFM and family got together with our dear friend and his family at the Khyber Restaurant, which specialises in Indian cuisine.

520A Saintfield Road
Carry duff
028 9081 3099

Don’t forget the Khyber was a runner up in the 2012 Belfast Telegraph awards as per Joris Minne. We were invited as a family some 10 adults, 7 kids to celebrate the seasons festivities.

Food wise we had daal makhani, aloo gobhi, saag paneer,tandoori chicken and naan cooked in a proper charcoal tandoor(a rarity in NI due to H&S-an absolutely ridiculous ruling!!!),rice and salad.

The restaurant (a 65 seater) is normally closed on a Sunday lunch,but can be available if requested, as we had, so I can’t comment on everyday service at the restaurant, but rest assured I feel it would be equally as good.

Amazing parking and food and service, give it a try!!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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