Lunch for two at the Khayber

The BFM plus one decided to do lunch today to celebrate the Indian festivals of Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal (harvest time in India). The venue we chose was the Khayber Indian Restaurant.

373 Antrim Road
Northern Ireland
+44 28 9084 9414

We had both been there a couple of years ago so we thought we would revisit it. It was a cold and snowy afternoon, so what better than some hot and spicy food to warm us up.





It was pleasing to see that they had displayed the scores on the doors (and scored 5/5) and also information on allergies. The owner, who is 2nd generation restauranteer (father and his business partner started one of the first Indian restaurants,which I frequented as a youngster, in Belfast and his uncle and cousin also started another well known chain in Northern Ireland) was telling us that they had a renovation in July 2014 and that he went for a more traditional look. We both agreed it works and works very well.





The Khayber had also won several accolades and being situated where it is there is a lot of competition.



For lunch we both requested authentic Indian cuisine and we were recommended chicken Balti and Lamb Karahi. We ordered keema nan, garlic nan and pilau rice as well as a green chilli and fresh onion side salad.


The dishes came out very efficiently served in traditional Indian vessels (a handi and karahi) and eaten off hot round white plates, again a big thumbs up!!! The lamb was tender and succulent and of good quality, the masala was thick and spicy and was not runny or overpowering the taste of the lamb. The chicken was fresh and not frozen or overcooked in a wonderful lightly spiced masala bringing out the wonderful taste of the spices. The keema nan had just enough keema and the garlic nan was tasty and not drenched in garlic. The rice was colourful and tasty also. Portion sizes were excellent, just enough to fill two hungry lads!!! Could not have had starters, sides or desserts!!!!

The chef and waiters are seasoned professionals who have been here from India for some time now and can accommodate any requests and questions.

I would certainly return and I would implore you to give it s try. The quality has improved and the decor is better than before.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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