Masterclass in cooking turkey giblets

Hi all, the BFM is proud to write about the Masterclass in cooking the turkey giblets, from Head Chef Pete Cole (ex Hadskis) of Deanes Deli, one of the fine restaurants from Michael Deane.

44 Bedford Street
Northern Ireland
+44 28 9024 8830

I must say I was a bit apprehensive as I’m not a fan of liver and kidney (I found out after that so was Pete!!!). When I arrived at Deanes Deli I was warmly welcomed by an excellent Front of House team, thanks to Dave and Saul and the Barista who made me a wonderful Americano.

Pete had a large table to cook for so I went a wandering and returned later, raring to go!!! I had dropped off the giblets (being neck, liver, kidneys, heart and muscular pouch of stomach, the leftovers from my wonderful Christmas turkey from Galloway Turkey Farm) Tuesday and Pete marinaded them in garlic and rosemary infused oil.

Yesterday he then braised the giblets in chicken stock over night for ten hours. The meat was very tender and was then ready to use. Pete chose to make faggots, mash, gravy and kale.

That sounded good and he started. First all the meat was cut into small pieces, chopped bacon was added (unsmoked) as well as some pieces of cooked pork, onion flavoured Maldon Salt and freshly ground black pepper added as well as thyme. This was then moistened with some of the reduced turkey stock. Then Pete cut some pig stomach lining into three pieces, before adding the meat mixture. This was then rolled and trimmed to form three oval shaped faggots. These were then pan fried in oil and butter before being put into the oven. The mash was ready and finished off with the addition of buttermilk and heated. The stock was reduced and was nice and thick with a hint of tartness. The kale was blanched and then all plated up ( I dressed the meal with the jus!!)

It tasted absolutely delicious, yes you could detect a hint of the liver but the rest of the dish really worked well. Pete could now breathe a sigh of relief!! All the ingredients are sourced locally (pork from Crossgar, veg from North Down, turkey from Galloway Farm).

To accompany this dish a robust full bodied red wine such as Deanos very own Melbec, equally a glass of Guinness or a dry Chablis would work.

The dish itself is time consuming to put together but it utilises those cuts of meat that would be discarded. So well done Pete, and to all the readers and chefs please experiment with and use these alternative cuts, you might be surprised with the results!!!!

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