Celebration of nieces 1st birthday

The BFM and family attended the Merry Hill Copthorne Hotel to celebrate the first birthday of my sisters daughter.

The Waterfront,Level Street
Brierley Hill
United Kingdom
+44 1384 482882

It started at 1pm and as the guests arrived at the hotel canapés of mini spring rolls, samosas and seekh kebabs were being offered as well as both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

We were then ushered into the Newbolt and Hackett rooms for the food, cake cutting and entertainment (cakes by Toni’s cakes 078344 57944). The food was table served in large Handis (traditional Indian metal serving dishes) by a very well oiled team. For starters there was aloo tiki, chicken tikka, chana masala, fish pakora and chilli paneer. There was plenty of food and it was replenished as and when required. The food was tasty however the chilli paneer could have been better!! The tables (15 each seating 10 persons, had a fantastic, two tiered revolving central stand for food, drink and decoration.

After the starters there was some entertainment by way of singing and then the cake was cut. This was followed by another birthday celebration for my nephew and then the main course was served. This again was table served in Handis and consisted of saag paneer, daal turka, lamb karahi, boondi raita, pilau rice and naan. Again the food was plentiful, very tasty and presented well.

After this there was some more singing and then dessert being gulab jaman and ice cream. The party finished at 5 or so and then home time. All in all it was a good afternoon and well enjoyed by all. There was ample parking and location was adjacent to the shopping centre. One could tie in a break along with shopping. Definitely worth going to see.

The whole event was managed and delivered by the very talented Asian events team at the Copthorne.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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