The real truth behind animal fats and health

The BFM is welcoming the change in attitude towards the animal fats and health.

In the 70’s/80’s Western medicine advocated the reduction and replacement of animal fats in the shape of butter,cream and fatty meats, as they said it was fuelling the rise in heart disease,obesity and diabetes. In excessive quantities this may be part of the problem but not wholly and exclusively the cause, which they led us to believe.

Roll on 40 odd years and the same medical professionals are saying we made a mistake and that animal fats aren’t as bad as once imagined and the lack of may be affecting us!!

This goes to show that the medics are not right about everything all the time!!

Once againe the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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Courtesy of The Daily Mail, Wednesday 11th February 2015

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